Wombat – Proofpoint Security Awareness Training – Webinar 27.02.2020

Introduction to Purestorage Flasharray C - the pinnacle of future-proof capacity Tier 2 storage systems - Webinar August 13, 2020

Turn your end users into a strong last line of defense against phishing and other cyberattacks Engage your end users and arm them against real-world cyber attacks, using personalized cybersecurity training based on our industry-leading threat intelligence. Instead of wasting time with one-size-fits-all content, we help you deliver the right cybersecurity awareness training to the … ПродължениеWombat – Proofpoint Security Awareness Training – Webinar 27.02.2020

Tenable – Webinar – 20.02.2020

 Tenable continuously optimize Nessus based on community feedback to make it the most accurate and comprehensive vulnerability assessment solution in the market. 20 years later and there still laser focused on community collaboration and product innovation to provide the most accurate and complete vulnerability data – so you don’t miss critical issues which could put … ПродължениеTenable – Webinar – 20.02.2020